Terri talks about the Disability Employment Project

By Rise
15 January 2020

“Disability Employment is something that’s close to my heart….
Working with the other NFP’s on this initiative has been really amazing because I’ve been able to see first hand the commitment from the CEO’s and Senior Managers in regards to actually increasing the number of disability employed staff within their organisation.”

Terri talks about how her flexible work agreement has given her her life back and the ability to attend medical appointments to manage Crohn’s disease without taking annual leave.

"What do you need in regards to support? I think the most important message here is don’t be afraid to ask for the support."

Terri talks about some of the support and employment opportunities available at Rise.

Project Sponsors

The Disability Employment Project is an initiative between Several Not for Profit organisations including Rise, Chorus, Identity WA, Enable and Visibility. Sponsors of Co-design members include Essential Personnel, NDS and Visibility.

Disability Employment Opportunities

Are you a person with disability looking for a rewarding career?
Rise recognises people with disability have the skills, knowledge and lived experience to help us create a better work place. Call 08 6274 3700 or email contact@risenetwork.com.au to find out about current job vacancies. 
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