Thank you for the Support!

By Rise
07 September 2023

Big thanks on behalf of The Rivers Program team, and its participants, to Kat and Bec for their abundance of support in facilitating the drop in at Warwick Arts Hub!

You are appreciated

Back on 7 June 2023 The Rivers Program was able to open its first drop-in session, where clients impacted by mental health and/or substance misuse have a safe and supportive environment to connect with others in the community over a workshop of art, tea and biscuits. 

Kat and Bec were asked to support The Rivers Program until recruitment was complete, and they did so with optimism and passion. 

The first few art workshops were aimed around getting to know each other and establishing a safe environment. Kat and Bec supported this through a theme of connection.

Each participant was provided a piece of a large-scale jigsaw to decorate, taking time to think about what things in their life made them feel connected. On completion of the jig-saw pieces, they were all connected together, representing a piece of everyone.

Dedicated time to reflect and debrief on the workshops brought out conversation and compliments across the group, with everyone learning a little bit more about each other, building connection.

Fast forward 3 months and we now have a well-established group of participants that show up to the Rivers drop in on a weekly basis. 

We also have a Rivers team, who have been so very grateful of the support from Kat and Bec, and hope nothing more than to build on the brilliant foundation formed. 

Again, Thank you. 


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