The Beach Missed Anna!

By Rise
25 May 2020
Anna had been sceptical about going for a walk along the beach as the last time she did this was to let her Mum’s ashes go. On Thursday the 21st of May, Anna joined Support Worker Madi for a walk along the water, she was incredibly brave and made her return, she said with joy, "The ocean missed me!"

Support Worker Madi discussed Anna's previous concerns and together they came to a realisation that instead of being anxious to go to the beach, Anna could come down whenever she felt that she was missing her Mum and she could write a note in the sand of whatever she wished to say and have the waves take that message out to her Mum. We practised this together and we left feeling happy.

There is something about the saltwater and sand between your toes that makes your soul feel good!

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