The Compliance Team are today’s Anna Alderson Nominees!

By Rise
23 November 2022
Samantha Foxon, Andrea Kelly, Sharon Veness, Janine Haselgrove, Belinda Shipp
“Andrea and Sam both work on the 'compliance' side of Rise. It takes a lot of consideration, effort and a collaborative approach to work productively in this area. It would be easy to go on with a 'big stick' approach and 'find things wrong' without a real understanding of the complexity and nuance of delivering services - provided by human beings, for human beings. Especially during times of Covid, staff shortages, etc. It is only by starting from a position of respect and listening closely to those in the operational areas that they can gain a true understanding of what is truly required to deliver a quality service rather than just tick a box for the sake of it. Sam and Andrea start from a position of understanding what everyone is trying to achieve, the best way to demonstrate it and ensuring there is the minimal possible impost on being able to do so whilst still ensuring Rise is ready for any external audits or scrutiny. They delighted in catching people doing the right thing, highlighting compliments and seeing any issues as opportunities for improvement.

On the other side, Sharon, Janine and Belinda showed respect and trust in the compliance team and their role in being open, transparent about sharing information and working together on solutions, rather than being defensive about questions and seeing it as an impost. All parties realised that they are two sides of the same coin, and all roles need to be respected to make things better for our clients. A quote from Sam about the SD team: Thanks again for your commitment to the project. Your willingness to share/discuss and review Aged Care processes whilst managing your own workloads and unexpected surprises such as fires, lockdowns and government curveballs has been awe-inspiring.”
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