The Rise Cookbook is ready!

By Rise
23 March 2021
Thank you to everyone who submitted recipes giving us insight into your background and history, whether it was a staple food from your home country or something nostalgic that brought back good memories for you. We know that food plays an important role in our culture and cultural identity. We all eat different foods which hold special meaning to us. As we continue to build a culture of diversity and celebrating each other’s differences at Rise, we wanted to give the workforce the opportunity to share a part of their culture and background through the food we eat so that we can all learn about one another.
In fact, if any of you are like me, this cookbook will be great not only to learn more about the people we work with but also for those days where I just cannot think of what to make. If you try out any of the recipes in the book, we encourage you to share photos of your successes (and failures) on the intranet.
The cookbook will be available on the CDMS and is linked here for you to refer to at any time.
Thank you all once again for your participation.
Finally, if you enjoyed this activity or have improvement suggestions or other ideas about activities we can run to celebrate our diversity at Rise, please email them to
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