The Seekers Biggest Fan

By Rise
10 August 2021

Greg Brennan has been attending the Arts Hub for over 23 years. Greg is known as the social butterfly of the centre, making his way through all the rooms, saying G’day to everyone. Greg has a memory like an elephant remembering names, songs, and footy facts.

Greg is a lovely painter, but you can often find him down in the pottery room trying his hand at ambitious pottery projects with the staff and volunteers. Greg is a fantastic air guitarist which he puts to good use at the Thursday Night Discos the Arts Hub attends in Balga.

Greg loves music! His Mum was a piano teacher and has clearly instilled a love of all thing’s music in him. Whenever Greg is asked to provide a song request, he always responds with The Seekers – his favourite band of all time! Recently Greg created this artwork in the pottery room, which is a dedication to all the members in The Seekers. Greg is very proud of it. I asked him what he would like to say to The Seekers, Greg said, “love the songs, good on ya, big fan.”

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