The Service Delivery Admin Team are today’s Anna Alderson Nominees!

By Rise
22 November 2022
Steph Watts, Deb Miley, Sarah Harrington, Kayla Horton, Amber McQueen and Nayana Liyange

“The Service Delivery Admin Team was a newly created team in early 2021. The team started from scratch expanding their individual knowledge of the service delivery industry, whilst developing brand new processes, learning innovative skills and conquering all new systems, from purchase orders in D365, interpreting client services in Procura, to understanding external funding bodies and their respective portals and reporting requirements.

The team work across all areas of service delivery and continually come up with creative ways they can support each area of the business, the Service Delivery Directors and the people we support. The team show continual optimism on a daily basis, with no task being too much trouble. No two days are ever the same for the Team, new tasks continually come up which at times they may find daunting, but they each have such an eagerness to learn and grow their skills, they always jump in with such enthusiasm and take all new challenges in their stride. They uphold the definition of teamwork, showing the utmost Respect to each other and their Rise Colleagues. The team always display an attitude full of gratitude, no matter what task is asked of them.”
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