The Support Workers at Marley House are today’s Anna Alderson Nominees!

By Rise
23 November 2022

Kumar Krishnan, Triphine Mukashema, Wayne Wood, Martin Taylor, Mohamed Kamara, Perpetual Mutu, Roselyne Cheruiyot, Rael Kemei, Jerry Atunga are today’s Anna Alderson Nominees!
In my role as Specialist Support Coordinator I was appointed to work with Caroline and provide her with support to find new accommodation, connect her with therapy services and a service provider that will assist her to access the community.

 Together with support from her public advocate, I found available accommodation with Rise. The staff at Marley house have been consistent in their support and provided the foundation Caroline required to thrive in all areas of her life.

I have witnessed staff demonstrate integrity when seeking out services for Caroline and are always respectful in their interactions. Caroline was immediately welcomed into the house and made to feel as though she belonged. This was demonstrated at the first visit when staff introduced Caroline to other house members.

Caroline continues to receive therapeutic support that is enhanced by the optimism and encouragement shown by staff members at Rise who maintain ongoing verbal communication and interaction which provides Caroline with the opportunity to improve her speech.

Living at Marley House continues to provide Caroline with the environment she needs to continue to flourish and express herself and explore her personality.

 Marley House staff have supported Caroline to dye her hair and purchase clothing and attend medical appointments. Staff ensured that upon moving in personal items were already in her room sourcing furniture that was needed. I look forward to watching the continued growth and independence Caroline will experience as a member of Marley house.

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