They ran for a Reason!

By Rise
22 May 2023

After many months of general chit chat – in fact all day chit chat, many conversations, planning, excitement and training, the day finally arrived!!
21st May 2023 – HBF Run for a Reason.

Brad was so excited to see a crowd on the train station platform, all dressed in HBF T-Shirts and some in fancy dress. We were also in fancy dress, which added to the hilarity. Then the train arrived, it was very full and, believe it or not… everyone was going to the HBF run!

Great excitement with thousands of entrants – everyone laughing and chatting – the 4kms flew by and we were finished but still having fun. There were many fun vendors like 9NEWS and SpecSavers, competitions galore and many free hand outs like caps, bags and other goodies. Of course, there had to be someone selling Hot Chips!

A great morning out, full of fun and laughs. Already, the conversation is all about next years’ HBF Fun Run!

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