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By Rise
25 September 2020
I just want to acknowledge the great teamwork our staff at Rise displayed this week.
Our Support Workers Jenny Fazekas and Debbie Simcock provided timely, comprehensive feedback about a carer whose wellbeing we had been concerned about.
As the GP was unable to visit the carer at home we contacted an ambulance and the carer has been admitted to hospital.
Karen Wittcomb and her staff at Milperra Cottage - Tracey BuaGiancarro and Gina Cone, assisted to open Milperra Cottage a day earlier than planned, organised to pick up the client, assisted him to prepare for his respite stay and helped to settle and reassure him at respite after seeing his long term carer taken to hospital via ambulance.
I just want to send out my biggest thanks to everyone who helped, late in the afternoon, to ensure the best outcome for the carer and client.

Thank you so much.

By Nicole DeGraaf
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