Thumbs up for Umps

By Rise
25 August 2020
When meeting Nalda for the first time, she'll soon tell you that she is a 'State Living Treasure' and will tell you of her lifetime achievements of creating art as well as generously teaching her skills to the younger generation.

Nalda's entire home is her studio, which is filled with vibrant paintings, weavings and garments threaded with native plant materials.  There is no place like home, so Rise support our seniors to maintain as much independence as possible in the home.

One clever little invention called 'Umps', created by Adam Jahnke for his grandfather (aka 'Umps') after he ended up in hospital, is designed to send an alert if a change in activity is detected within the recipient's home.
The Umps product consists of 5 plugs which frequently used appliances are plugged into and will detect a change in routine (e.g. if the kettle or TV isn't being turned on at the usual time).

An alert is then sent to the recipient's mobile and if there is no response within 15 min, an emergency contact will be contacted and ultimately an ambulance can be called if necessary.

Rise have purchased 10 units for some of our clients, which are covered under the CHSP funding.

Diana and Nalda are some of the first few clients to receive one and Nalda has given it the thumbs up!

By Phillippa Perrella
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