Toni Tejada is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
30 November 2021
Today’s nominees is Toni Tejada
PwD Coordinator
“Toni has many positive qualities. She shows excellent leadership and values. Toni strives to provide good and safe standards of care to clients by involving and supporting her staff. She also empowers herself and her staff by providing or re-enforcing knowledge and skills, a great tool to help them provide high standards of care.
Toni is exceptional in that she takes ownership when she recognises the care provided is not sufficient to meet the best possible client standards. She acknowledges any shortcomings and presses forward to remove them.  Toni is positive when it comes to challenges and aims to turn these challenges around. In short, she works hard to identify any gaps or insufficiency in the care provided, and then strives to achieve what is required to improve. She will seek advice from Learning and Development to gain the necessary in order to plot a possible course for improvement.
Toni respects and fully accepts feedback, whether it comes from staff, clients, multi-disciplinary team members, or client’s representatives. She incorporates that both as a yardstick to measure performance, but also as a tool to help search further improvement.
Possibly Toni’s greatest quality is the fact she is proactive rather than reactive. She looks ahead to ensure her staff are as knowledgeable and capable as possible before a client with different or complex needs is admitted.
It is for her dedication, leadership, and proactive approach that I would like to nominate Toni for this award.”
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