WAM Song of the Year Winner!

By Rise
18 October 2021

We’re celebrating Cyndy Moody, who is supported by Rise. Cyndy is a first nations songwriter and winner in the West Australian Music Awards. Cyndy won song of the Year in the Country category with Ngany Koorlangka (My Kid).
“I know that a lot of people cry when I sing my song. It’s my emotions, from my heart and it’s in my language and that’s the most powerful thing that I can bring across, because it’s a part of me.”  
“The song’s a lullaby so the perfect opportunity to write about my son, who wasn’t with me. It’s about mothers. Mothers who can relate, who have given up their child for whatever reason. It crosses boundaries to the stolen generation. Things that have happened in our world today, regardless of colour. Most of all power that us as mothers can generate and empower other women with a blessing  that only God gives.” Cyndy

Cyndy shared that she’s honoured to receive this award. “It’s such a blessing for me, after what I’ve been through over the last couple of years. I’ll cherish it for life.”

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