We Miss Centenary House

By Rise
08 May 2020
For the last two years Abe has been coming to work with me.  As he visits our two social centres, the members’ faces light up when he walks in the room for a pat.  He misses their company, the sausages Sherri and Marsia save him when Moorditj Mia have a BBQ, the leftover mini quiches and party pies Alanna throws his way and the treats Wendy gives him when she walks in the door.  My routine has not changed in the morning since working at home so Abe gets excited thinking we are going to work today, but then as he sees me set up my office on the dining table, he retreats to his bed.  At least you are not alone boy and we have each other for company.  One day we will return to Centenary House.
Karen Fitzpatrick
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