Welcoming our new teammates

By Rise
11 February 2020

From Morocco to Mexico, pork to pavlova, Rise's International lunch brought everyone together at the Peter Anderton centre to enjoy tasty homemade dishes from different cultures.

With one third of Rise’s team coming from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds staff at Peter Anderton decided lunch was the best way to welcome their new teammates. This year they took it further and dressed in their designated country.  


Tony, the “Spud King” represented Australia.

Here's what some of the team had to say:

“Today is about welcoming new staff that have joined Rise. We are all from different backgrounds. It’s fantastic, it’s a wonderful thing to do – enjoy each others company in a relaxing environment.” Sandra Mc Keon, Program Planner

“The team at Yirra Mia gave me the optimism to pursue a new role, whilst the team at Peter Anderton have been warm and welcoming as I adapt to the change. Both centres have special people who are the epitome of the Rise values. I’m excited to be continuing my journey here at PA, whilst holding on to some very fond memories of my time with the crew at YM!” Aleesha Williams, Scheduler – People With Disability

“That’s the nice thing about it – everybody participated, either dressing up or bringing food. I found that Rise are true to their values. It’s very person centred not business centred. The values extend to the staff. You see the values of integrity, respect, optimism, welcoming in the staff.”  Phillippa Perrella, Rise Aged Care Coordinator

Rise recognises the value of a diverse workforce in that it draws together a wide pool of talent and ideas based on varying backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. It also better reflects the makeup of the broader community and helps provide a more relevant service to our clients and ensures a more welcoming environment for our staff.

Are you a person with disability looking for a rewarding career?

Rise recognises people with disability have the skills, knowledge and lived experience to help us create a better work place. Call 6274 3700 or email diversity@risenetwork.com.au to find out about current opportunities.
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