Yirra Mia Goes Camel Riding

By Rise
20 May 2021
Last week, our Ladies on the Go went to Kalamunda Farm for a camel ride. This was a big day out as it was on many of our ladies wish lists.

The staff were very friendly and welcoming. The owner, Chris even made the ladies fresh hot scones and tea upon arrival. 7 of our brave clients decided to go on a 30 minute ride around the farm on the camels. The most senior of the group was 85! The other clients watched, cheered their friends on and prayed that no one would fall off their camels. (Don't worry, everyone was safe!!!)

It was the first time riding a camel for everyone and they all had a ball of a time! 

Stay tuned for more next time as Yirra Mia comes up with more whacky, fun and exciting adventures!

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