Yirra Mia goes down the Rabbit Hole

By Rise
29 October 2020
This month Yirra Mia teleported the posse to Wonderland.

The centre was transformed into a magical wonderland with a kaleidoscope of bewildering decorations, including roses, playing cards and a cute little Cheshire cat that greeted all of the clients at the door. All our staff and volunteers dressed up in costumes from the famous tale, Alice in Wonderland. As members entered the rabbit hole, the staff curtsied and showed them to their seats. Everyone had the opportunity to try all sorts of different sweet and savoury treats at our Mad-hatters Hi-Tea party in the morning.


We played lots of fun games in wonderland like croquet with a hedgehog ball and on one of the days we had a vision impaired client bring in his water level device which was used for a tea pouring competition. During the contest, each of the members, staff and volunteers were blindfolded and had the opportunity of experiencing what it was like to pour a cup of tea without being able to see.

As usual, our most popular showcase was the Photobooth. This time we had a magnificent 2m long, colourful handmade backdrop of wonderland, where the clients could have a tea party with the queen of hearts in the woods.

After lunch the staff finished off by performing a skit for the clients.

Overall everyone had a magical time in Wonderland. If you would like to see more, tune in next time for Yirra Mia's next adventure.

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