Yirra Mia World Tour Series

By Rise
17 July 2020
Hello everyone!
Yirra Mia would like to introduce our new Armchair Travel Series!

This week we flew our clients all the way to Mexico. As our clients alighted, the plane (bus) they were greeted by staff dancing, singing and shaking their maracas. The centre was decorated with vibrant ornaments and even had a station filled with sweets and delicious treats.

As the clients were seated down,  they were personally waited on by our amazing team at Yirra Mia with fancy mocktails. Everyday, a different Mexican food was served on the menu for lunch. The centre boasted a colourful photobooth as one of the main attractions.

Have a look at some of the colourful photos our clients took! Don't they look amazing?

After that, everyone had a chance to play some Mexican Fiesta games like, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". We even had a colourful pinata filled with lollies for all!

Even our Volunteers were in on the action!

It was amazing to see everyone in the centre really enjoying themselves this week and having so much fun and excitement. A big thanks is due to our entire team at Yirra Mia for the joint effort and all the hard work they put in together in order to pull this off!

Tune in for more next time for Yirra Mia's World Tour as we conquer our next destination!

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