Yirra Mia World Tour Series: France

By Rise
18 September 2020
We are very excited to share the third episode of our Yirra Mia Travel Series with you.  This month we travelled to the City of Love, Paris. The centre was decorated with intricate French ornaments, trying to mimic that of the outside of a French cafe. Clients were greeted by our staff dressed in striped mime costumes topped off with suspenders and  French berets.

Our photobooth included an old-fashioned bicycle with a basket in the front that one of our creative staff brought in and embellished with flowers, lights and all sorts of french goodies like champagne and baguettes. It also had a hand-drawn life-sized backdrop of the eiffel tower that lighted up which one of our staff digitally painted on the ipad. All of the clients dressed up for the occassion and even got a chance to hold a real Chanel bag with a matching pair of sunglasses.

Yirra Mia was feeling especially competitive this month as we held a Tour De France. Clients got a chance to bet on staff members and cheer them on with flags during the bike race around the centre. Some of the clients even booed and jeered at our cheeky staff member who decided to cheat the race.
We also held a Petanque competition which is a french sport, similar to Boules. Each of the clients duked it out as they competed against each other to win the grand final and a special prize at the end of the day.
Our morning teas and lunch incorporated different dishes from France. We indulged in various sorts of French patisseries everyday and everyone had the opportunity to really taste the essence of French cuisine. During lunch, our talented staff dressed in long flowing skirts, and entertained our clients with a hillarious display of the can can dance.

We received lots of compliments from all of the clients and many of them are super excited for our next big themed event.

Stay tuned to find out where we are travelling to next. Leave a comment down below to guess which country Yirra Mia will conquer next and stand a chance to win an invite with a free lunch included at our next travel destination!
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