YM's Men on the Go group become pilots for the day

By Rise
09 November 2021
Our Men on on go group went to Jandakot airport and were lucky enough to meet an pilot who lead them to the airstrip to give them a tour of the airplanes. The clients even had a chance to sit in a replica plane that the pilots there often used to for testing, and were able to interact with the various buttons and levers inside the plane. All of the clients enjoyed themselves and were very interested to know more about piloting and the planes.

One of our clients gave us a testimonial, saying;

"As someone who is vision impaired, I loved the experience of being able to feel the wings of the plane. I was even brought to the front of the plane to touch the propellors. I also loved sitting inside the plane and got a chance to feel the controls and the steering wheel. It  was a positive experience and I felt glad that I could have a hands-on and interactive experience. I love going everywhere with the men on the go. The best part is that I get to get out of the house for a couple hours every Tuesday and go out with a great bunch of guys."

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