Youth led solutions to global challenges

By Rise
12 April 2019
Everyday Leader welcomed Emily and Lorraine on behalf of Rise Youth Services, to help year 12 students at Lynwood Senior High school understand the topic of 'Homelessness', an issue experienced by many young people accessing Rise Youth Services.  

The Social Impact 'Shark Tank' project is designed to explore purpose and help students develop a greater understanding of the world around them. The aim of this project is to inspire the students to think ‘bigger picture’ by exploring the global challenges we face as a society and putting their thoughts and efforts towards a potential solution. Students begin the project by gaining a deeper understanding of their internal worlds focusing on topics such as values, character strengths, talents and passions before looking outwards at the wider world. 

The program runs across 12 sessions, teaching students about their chosen issue and equipping them with project management skills to create projects that could be potential solutions. 
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