Teens pass Keys for Life workshop
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Young People

Teens pass Keys for Life workshop

20 July 2023

Keys for Life workshop

Keys for Life helps young people get their driving licence by learning about road safety and being a safe driver.

The training also includes a test at the end of the workshop. If they pass, the young person receives a certificate and does not have to sit the test at a licensing centre.

Rise delivered the January session with help from Indigo Junction. In 2017 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deliver the program.

Rise Youth Activities Coordinator Skye Groenveld said the young people scored 100% on three out of four of the practice quizzes.

Some of the young people who were strangers at the beginning of the day were sharing lifts and phone number by the time they left.

We had an incredible 9/10 pass, with the last person only one mark away. He will have another opportunity to resit a different test with one of the facilitators soon.

Lorraine from the Youth Team said there was some great feedback from the teens.

The three young people I transported home were incredibly happy with their certificates. I received positive feedback “Those girls were dardy! I would never have passed without their help.”

Services for Young People

We're here for you in many ways if you're a young person. You've got a place to hang out at Stratton Edge, complete with a skate park. We may also be able to support you to pass your 'L's, or if you're going through some stuff and need a mentor, the Rise team has got your back. Call 08 6274 3700 or email: contact@risenetwork.com.au

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