Keys 4 Life: Pre-driver Education

Keys 4 Life: Pre-driver Education

Help With Driving Lessons

This program supports young people over 15 years of age to obtain their Learners Permit and learn about safe driving.  

Participants receive free resources and a certificate on successful completion of the program. When applying for a Learner’s Permit, the certificate provides them with an exemption from undertaking and paying for the Computerised Theory Test (CTT). 

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Support with Driving Lessons

Participants who have obtained their learners permit may then be eligible for up to 5 free driving lessons, subject to availability. 

The Keys4Life program  consists of five modules that cover topics such as understanding road rules, managing risks on the road, managing distractions, and building positive attitudes towards driving.

The Keys4Life program aims to help young people develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become safe and responsible drivers, and to reduce the incidence of road crashes involving young drivers.

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Keys4Life Modules

  • Road Ready : Provides an overview of the key road rules and regulations, and the responsibilities of being a driver. 
  • Take Control : Covers the importance of being in control of the vehicle, managing risks on the road, and understanding the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving. 
  • Look Ahead : Explains the importance of scanning the road ahead, managing hazards, and responding to unexpected situations. 
  • Stay Aware : Provides some strategies for managing distractions, such as mobile phones, passengers, and other external factors that can impact driving performance. 
  • Survive : Covers strategies for managing fatigue, dealing with aggressive drivers, and responding to emergencies on the road.

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