Nominate a Staff Member

Nominate a Staff Member

Anna Alderson Staff Awards

Complete the nomination form below and celebrate the most outstanding efforts of our team! You can nominate an individual or team who demonstrates Rise's values.

The Anna Alderson award was instigated in 2016 in memory of our former Chairperson Anna, and the example she set in demonstrating the values that are important to Rise. Each year the award will be given to an individual staff member and a team who have demonstrated one or more of Rise’s values through outstanding service.

Rise values:

  • Integrity: We do the right thing.
  • Respect: We listen and trust.
  • Welcoming: We offer a place to belong.
  • Optimism: We are hopeful and confident.

Nominations are invited from employees, volunteers, clients and family and can be made at any time by completing the form below. If you use ChatGPT or any other program to assist in writing your submission please don’t include any personal information, such as names and locations, to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

The nominations received by 31st August each year will be reviewed by the Rise Board and a winner chosen.  The winners will be presented with a $500 prize at Rise's end of year staff event.

Photo: Nominees and Winners of the 2022 Anna Alderson Award

2023 Winners

Congratulations to all the nominees for the Rise Anna Alderson Award. The award was given to two teams and four individuals:

  1. Clare Francioni: Clare's sensitivity and skill shone when she discovered a client in need of urgent medical attention, who was potentially being exploited. Her empathy and quick action not only ensured immediate care for the client but also advocacy support, exemplifying her commitment to empowering clients.

  2. Taylor Duggan:  Taylor has been instrumental in revitalising Rise's recruitment process with her enthusiastic and solution-oriented approach. Her positive attitude and professional dedication have significantly enhanced the recruitment experience, leading to a greater number of quality candidates.

  3. M artin Taylor:  Martin's hands-on approach in Rise's supported accommodation, from cooking alongside residents to engaging them in cultural activities and meaningful conversations, has significantly enriched the lives of those he supports. He has made a real and lasting difference in people's everyday lives.

  4. Belinda Shipp: Nominated by her entire team, Belinda creates a strong team environment for those who work with her. Her leadership qualities have created a space where personal growth is encouraged and her team feels a sense of belonging and confidence in her guidance.

  5. Milperra Incident Response Team: The Milperra team acted with integrity and sensitivity in a complex case of suspected elder abuse. Their proactive approach not only ensured the safety and well-being of an older gentleman, but also exemplified their commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals in challenging situations.

  6. Welbourne and Foxleigh Fire Response Teams: Following catastrophic fires, these teams demonstrated courage and teamwork. Their quick actions kept their residents safe from harm and ensured their emotional well-being was cared for as they settled into their new home.

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