A Pawsitive Day Out for Mental Health Awareness Week
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Mental Health

A Pawsitive Day Out for Mental Health Awareness Week

15 May 2024

We celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week with a dog friendly walk and a barbecue at Lake Monger Reserve.

It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature, get some exercise, and enjoy the company of our four-legged companions. The walk around the picturesque Lake Monger Reserve provided the perfect backdrop for conversations about mental health and the importance of staying active.

As a nod to Mental Health Awareness Week, many of us wore something blue to symbolise our commitment to raising awareness and supporting each other's mental well-being. Rise Support Worker, Elspeth McGillivray said “it’s really wonderful to see people get together and talk about mental health . It’s an important conversation to be having and it can just be casual - having a barbecue and going for a walk.”

Here's what some of the people supported by Rise had to say:
“Every day is a new beginning. You just keep on going. Debbie understand me, she listens and she doesn’t judge.  She’s the most beautiful Support Worker that I’ve ever had. She’s helped me through things and put me in place when I need to. She’s a nice lady. I look forward to seeing her every week.” - Ebony Hamalainen
It’s been good to connect with people in a similar situation. I’ve suffered from mental health issuers for quite a while. The support I got through Rise, especially Paul was excellent. I’ve really enjoyed it.” - Tom
It’s important to get out of the house, meet new people, chat and make some friends. It’s quite an enjoyable outing.” - Mark Franklin


Thank you to everyone who joined us for this special day, and here's to many more opportunities to prioritise mental well-being and create positive change.

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