Arts Hub gets into the rhythm
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Arts Hub

Arts Hub gets into the rhythm

16 February 2023

While the Arts Hub is always buzzing with activities such as painting, pottery, sewing and woodwork – lately, people have been getting into the rhythm of something a bit more musical…

Here at the Arts Hub we have been fortunate enough to have Cameron, who is Rise’s current student intern, with us on Monday’s and Friday’s for the last couple of weeks.

For our first music and singing session of the year, Cameron brought in his guitar and played a few songs. Everyone enthusiastically joined in by clapping hands, stomping feet, shaking maracas, tapping tambourines, and drumming on DIY drums made from yoghurt containers.

We then fired up the microphone and speakers as the creative crew requested songs that they enjoyed performing for the group. This group activity has been a great success and brought much joy to everyone involved.

A big thank you to Cameron for helping us to get our music and singing groups off to a rocking start!

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