Charlotte has made significant strides towards achieving her career goals!
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NDIS and Disability Support Young People

Charlotte has made significant strides towards achieving her career goals!

7 March 2024

The Employment Buddy Program (EBP), a collaborative effort between Rise and Essential Personnel aimed at empowering young adults with disability through practical work experience, provided Charlotte with a unique opportunity to hone her skills and build her confidence in a professional setting.

During her time in the program, Charlotte impressed her hosts at both Mirravale Riding School and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) with her dedication and aptitude, particularly in administrative tasks critical to the People and Culture team. Her focus and accuracy demonstrated not only her attention to detail but also her capability to work independently, a skill that would serve her well in any career. She impressed CCIWA so much, in fact, that they asked her to return for a second work placement! Charlotte's journey didn't stop once she graduated the program. Motivated by her experience, she enrolled in a preliminary course at TAFE in Joondalup, laying the groundwork for a future in the culinary industry. As she prepares to return to TAFE in July to complete her course, Charlotte is also exploring employment opportunities as a kitchen hand, actively taking steps towards her dream of becoming a chef.

Charlotte’s interests extend beyond the kitchen and into the arts, where she has also authored a book, ‘Where’s Phoebe?’ and participated in a reimagined drama production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ told from a neurodivergent perspective. Currently, she is even taking part in the Spectrum Space Music Video Project. Her creativity and desire to engage with and contribute to her community is nothing short of incredible. You can find out more about Charlotte’s creative pursuits on her website.

Charlotte's story is a shining example of how the Employment Buddy Program not only equips its participants with practical skills but also instills in them the confidence to pursue their career ambitions. As more organisations partner with the program, they open doors for young individuals like Charlotte to explore their potential and make their mark in their chosen fields. We can’t wait to see what Charlotte gets up to next.

Want to learn more about the Employment Buddy Program?

If you know of any employer who may be interested in learning more about this initiative, or any young people with disability aged 15-24 who may benefit from the program, don't hesitate to reach out.

Prospective organisations: Katie Williams, on 0418 363 483 or katie.williams@risenetwork.com.au
Prospective candidates: Lukas Murphy, on 0460 022 058 or lukas@essentialpersonnel.org.au

Find out more about the Employment Buddy Program on our website here.

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