Collars and Cuffs with the Yira Mia Night Owls
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Aged Care

Collars and Cuffs with the Yira Mia Night Owls

7 May 2024

Last month, the spirited ladies of Yira Mia attended a performance by male strip-tease group Collars and Cuffs, fulfilling a bucket list wish for many. Aged between 75 and 96, the ladies enjoyed an evening that was both fun… and a little bit naughty!

The anticipation was felt all week at Yira Mia, with non-stop discussions from everyone’s "Bling" themed outfit ideas to their expectations for the upcoming trip into Northbridge.

On the night, the Republic Bar was exceptionally welcoming. Their staff provided outstanding service, ensuring that our group was comfortable and well cared for throughout the evening. They would regularly bring out bottles of water and offer massages to the ladies. Prior to the show, the group dined at Northbridge Brewing Co, where the staff were equally fantastic, helping to set the tone for the exciting night ahead.

Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised.

The performance was the highlight, eliciting joyful reactions from all. "The boys were very polite and lovely. I enjoyed the night. Lots of laughs and good company," shared one member. With other comments including:

"I enjoyed Saturday night. The men were sexy, the staff were wonderful, the food was good." – Dot

"FANTASTIC night at Collars and Cuffs. Can we do it again? I had a great time—I hugged and kissed the five guys and got on stage twice! Enjoyed the experience very much." – Rona

"We were treated very well and included in the action. I thoroughly enjoyed it and our wonderful carers went above and beyond to ensure we were safe and happy." – Yvonne

Another member, Jane, also made a point of noting, “The guys were fit, strong, and very active. They stripped right down!” While the boys were a little naughty, they were also very nice and always respectful.

As the night came to an end, the staff were invited on stage for a photo and a round of applause, acknowledging their hard work and dedication in making the experience happen. We can’t wait for out next adventure! 

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