Royal Mail for 105 year old Gordon
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Royal Mail for 105 year old Gordon

4 July 2024
It's not everyday that you receive mail from the British Royal family, however Gordon's incredible milestone of reaching 105 years is a very well deserved occasion.

It's hard to imagine life before the internet, mobile phones or air conditioners but Gordon recalls a time when outdoor toilets were emptied by a fellow on horse and cart who would reach in through the back to take the pan for emptying, which would hopefully not be at the same time when seated on the 'throne'.

Gordon grew up with the mindset of  'just get on with it and don't expect others to do it for you' which resulted in him developing all kinds of skills, leading him to have a varied work career which took him  all over Australia and loved every part of it.

Gordon is a well respected member of the community, and as a Veteran and believes that one should 'do the right thing and follow the correct path'.

Fiona represented the Leadership Team as Rise visited Gordon to congratulate him on his very special birthday and presented him with a puzzle, which is is one of Gordon's favourite passtimes. We were taken to Gordon's miniature model showroom where Gordon proudly displays his many miniature model houses, a self-taught skill which he took up as a young 80 year old.

Gordon's motto is 'you're never too old to try something new'. Ain't that the truth!


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