Spotlight on Brendan!
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Spotlight on Brendan!

29 February 2024

Meet Brendan, a fantastic artist from the Warwick Arts Hub.

Describing himself as funny, cheerful and passionate, Brendan is always eager to bring his unique blend of creativity and vibrant energy into everything he does.

As you might be able to tell from his apron - his favourite colour is purple, and he brings that love for vibrant colours into his art. Likewise, he's a colourful character himself as he enjoys singing and dancing the day away.

Outside the hub, he’s either casting a line into the water or enjoying a cosy cup of tea, proving that inspiration can strike in the quietest moments.

Fun Fact: Brendan's favourite movie is Grease!

Want to learn more about the Arts Hub?

Meet new people, learn new skills and have a whole lot of fun with painting, woodwork, pottery and craft. The Arts Hub in Warwick is a warm and welcoming centre that celebrates creativity and embraces diversity. Call 08 6274 3700 or email contact@risenetwork.com.au

Find out more about the Arts Hub on our website here.

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