Spotlight on Denise
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Spotlight on Denise

21 May 2024
Denise has been a member of the Warwick Arts Hub for the past eight years. Her interest in art began a little later than some, discovering her hidden talent at 45 while drawing a Tasmanian Tiger for her son’s school assignment. This unexpected success led her to enrol in art classes, where she honed her skills over 15 years in Morley, mastering perspective and negative shapes.

Denise's artistic inspiration is wonderfully diverse, often taking ideas from our ideas box and blending them with her own finds from home. She especially loves flowers, creating fields of vibrant colour on the page.

Her passion for art is matched only by her love for the colour pink, which she wears head to toe, from her glasses to her jewellery, adding a splash of unique joy to the Arts Hub.

A firm believer in the power of creativity, Denise says, “Everyone can draw. You just have to want to.” We agree! Why not try something new? You might just find you also have hidden talent.

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