Rise and several other non-profit organisations have committed to increasing the number of people with disability employed within their respective organisations. Employing people with disability attracts new skills and brings a wealth of creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business. 
We are now collaborating with people who have disability. They are part of a co-design/co-production Steering Group who advise and guide the implementation of this initiative to increase employment opportunities.

The group advises Rise and other organisations on the issues facing people with disabilities when looking for work, e.g. going through interviews, workplace environment, resources, transport and any other issues that are challenges to employment – as well as solutions to those challenges.
Listen to members of the committee talk about their passion for supporting people  to find a job. 

Monica Low

Monica works at the front desk of Rise’s Yirra Mia social centre. “It has given me the confidence to actually talk about it and to me that’s a very important thing because it means I can help others who might be struggling with a mental health illness.” 

Ryan Honschooten

Ryan works for Visibility as the Youth Support Officer and shares his views with Rise, CEO, Justine Colyer.

Tony Vardaro 

Tony has huge experience in education and employment, including a career at TAFE.  Here he explains why he is passionate about the goals of the project and what he feels he can bring to it.

Jen Harland
Jen has a degree in Commerce as well as a Bachelor of Ministry. Here she talks about supporting people with autism find meaningful and rewarding employment.

Project Sponsors

The Disability Employment Project is an initiative between Several Not for Profit organisations including Chorus, Identity WA, Enable WA and Visibility. Sponsors of Co-design members include Essential Personnel, National Disability Services and Visability.

Disability Employment Opportunities

Are you a person with disability looking for a rewarding career?
Rise recognises people with disability have the skills, knowledge and lived experience to help us create a better work place. Call 08 6274 3700 or email culture@risenetwork.com.au to discuss our current job vacancies. 

Vacancies at Rise
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