Having a fall and worrying about them in the future is a major fear for many older people living at home (especially for those living alone).  There are a number of things that are available to make you and your loved ones feel more confident and keep you on your feet, independent and living at home.
The Rise team can organise:
  • Programs designed by professionals to improve your mobility, balance, strength and confidence in your ability to stay on your feet.
  • Personal alarms to give you peace of mind if you do happen to fall at any time.
  • Home modifications that can make living at home easier and safer.  For example: modifications to the bathroom such as shower hoses, lips removed from shower stalls, doorways widened or to the kitchen such as lowering benches or changing handles can make a huge difference to how easily you can do things for yourself in your own home.
Are you interested in discussing possible aids and modifications that can be made to your home? Contact Jemma or Monica on 6274 3770 or contact@risenetwork.com.au to discuss your specific needs and to find out more. 
Many of these services can be provided under the two types of funding packages offered by the Australian Government so there is no or little cost to you. You can find out more here. 

Aged Care Services
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