A positive influence

By Rise
07 December 2020

Today is day thirteen of the 16 days in WA Stopping Violence Against Women. Amber’s featured in our latest Celebrating People book and talks about the support she has received at Rise’s Kira House.

Amber’s completing a Certificate II in Adult General Education and bringing up two daughters. “In the future I want to do community services so I can work in a women’s refuge,” Amber tells me. “Because of my past I can relate to things. I want to work in child protection. I’ve been through it all, so I can relate to them and help them.” 

Amber was in and out of home since she was 10. “I had to grow up really fast. I didn’t have a really good relationship with my mum.” At 16 Amber had her oldest daughter Chrystal. 

When Amber was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Araminta Destiny, she got in contact with an Aboriginal Support Service in Northam to see if they could help her find a safe place to live. “The lady did a few calls and got me into Kira house. 

Kira House is the best one. They’re really wonderful ladies. If I had to recommend to any young mum where to go, I’d recommend Kira House. The support and everything that they give you is so good. They’re just really nice.” 

Amber stayed at Kira House until she was able to find her own home. “I kept applying for houses and got turned down hundreds of times, but I just kept applying. Then an older couple thought they’d give me a shot.” Amber and her daughters have also welcomed their nephew into their home, after Amber’s brother passed away a few years ago. “He’s got ADHD. I’m not used to this type of stuff. It’s a struggle but I’m getting there.” 

Amber also keeps in contact with her support team at Kira House. “I’m always contacting them, especially when I’m really down. Michelle mostly. And another worker, Kelly. She was like my favourite worker. We just got along really well. She’s really nice. I want to keep in touch with them. They’re a good influence. They’ve helped me out a lot. You need good influences, especially when times are tough.” 

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