A Voyage of a Lifetime

By Rise
19 June 2023
Even at 96, Ron radiates an energy that defies his age. His zest for life and adventurous spirit have made him a cherished figure at Centenary Social Centre.

When asked what he wanted to do recently, Ron was quick to reply. With a glint in his eyes, he voiced his wish to sail on a boat once again. That wish was born from precious memories, when Ron and his wife took the holiday of a lifetime. Travelling by boat to explore the coasts of Australia, the pair eagerly hopped from one port to the next, watching the landscapes shift from summer to winter.

Following Ron's request, the staff at Centenary took him on a delightful ferry ride from South Perth to Elizabeth Quay. The adventure on the swaying waters of the Swan River was nostalgic for Ron, who remembers it as, "a lovely day." Months later, the ferry ride remains fresh in Ron's memory, still bringing him joy to think about.

While Ron clearly loves the open water, the place he truly thrives is the comfort of his own home. Even at 96, he lives independently - with some household cleaning and personal care assistance from Rise. We all know mornings can be a bit slow when we grow older and, like many of us, Ron savours the warmth of his bed on a chilly morning. He loves indulging in a sleep-in that he often jokes gets interrupted by his support worker’s cold hands.

A self-proclaimed chef, Ron's love for cooking is second to none. His specialty? Deliciously stuffed mushrooms with bacon and melted cheese, and Yorkshire pudding so good, you'd think you were in Britain. As Ron exclaims, “no one in Australia ever makes it right!”

Here at Rise, we take inspiration from Ron's journey, continually striving to provide services that not only support independence but also fuel dreams and passions. Because every life, like Ron's, is a story worth celebrating and a voyage worth embarking upon.

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