Members vote at Rise’s Annual General Meeting.

Annual Report & AGM

By Rise
28 November 2019
Rise issued its 2018-19 Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting this week. It outlines the financial results and achievements of Rise for the last financial year.

“Over the last year we have seen the benefits of having invested – from a financial, structural and cultural perspective – in changing the way we work over the previous few years.
Changing the way we think about and do things takes many months to plan and embed well. While we have a way to go, I feel we are in a position to better understand and respond to needs in the community.” Justine Colyer, CEO

Highlights from the report include:
  • Rise supported 4,409 people in 2018/19, including 3,234 older people and 330 people with disability
  • 181 young people accessed our Stratton Edge Youth Centre
  • The mental health team supported 357 people and assisted 19 people to find a job
  • Rise managed the gardens for 880 older people
  • Rise supported 47 independent housing tenants
The Annual Report is available at your local Rise social centre and will shortly be available online.


New Board Member

The AGM also saw Peta Rule, Richard Ladny and Christopher Nicoloff nominate for two positions on the board.

“We are especially grateful to all the people who want to volunteer at Rise.” Polly Klante, CFO

Christopher Nicoloff was re-elected, and Rise welcomed new board member Peta.

Peta is a corporate communications and media strategist who has worked in industry and government for almost 20 years. As a media manager, crisis communications and brand strategy expert with the WA government, her work included advising the Deputy Premier and Health Minister. Peta is now a senior consultant and registered lobbyist with Clarity Communications.

Rise Support Services

Rise provides choices for more than 3000 people from all walks of life. These include young people at risk, those experiencing mental health issues, people with disability, carers and older people. Call 08 6274 3700 or email:
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