We are looking for people who are accessing or have previously accessed mental health and/or drug and alcohol services .

Are mental health, drug & alcohol programs making a difference? Have your voice heard.

By Rise
06 February 2020
Expressions of Interest
Measuring the Outcomes of Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Programs
How do we know if the mental health, drug and alcohol programs are making a positive impact in people’s lives?
Rise, Palmerston and Pathways SouthWest have partnered with the Mental Health Commission (MHC) to trial a new way of measuring the effectiveness of mental health, drug and alcohol programs. It is important to understand if mental health, alcohol and other drug programs are making a difference to people’s lives in a positive way in terms of relationships, community connections, housing, employment, education, health and general wellbeing etc.
Involving all stakeholders is essential if improvements in mental health, alcohol and other drug (AOD) outcomes are to be achieved. We are looking for people who are accessing or have previously accessed mental health and/or drug and alcohol services and their family members or carers, to join the Measuring Outcomes Project Steering Group (Steering Group).
The Steering Group
The Steering Group is taking a co-design approach and will lead, plan and make decisions about the project together as equal partners. Consumers, family members and carers will bring their lived experience expertise to advise the Steering Group of their experiences when accessing services and how the positive benefits could be best measured.
The Steering Group intends to:
  • Develop an agreed process for measuring and reporting on the impact of services (outcomes) on the lives of consumers to the MHC
  • Complete a pilot program that tracks, captures and reports on consumer outcomes for the different programs involved
  • Complete an evaluation of the pilot program
  • Make recommendations on the next steps
  • Share the learnings with Government and the broader non-profit sector.
The Steering Group will comprise:
  • Three consumers;
  • Three family members or carers;
  • Three service providers (Rise, Palmerston and Pathways Southwest); and
  • Two representatives from the MHC.
Consumer, Family and Carer Members will:
Contribute their best effort in achieving the objectives of the Steering Group by:
  • Contributing fully and constructively at meetings;
  • Bringing a problem-solving attitude to the team and contributing to a positive team culture;
  • Being reliable, dependable and taking responsibility for actions assigned;
  • Abiding by the relevant Code of Conduct (e.g. your service provider’s Code of Conduct or, if you no longer access services, the MHC Code of Conduct).
Consumers and Family/Carer Members serving on the Steering Group can expect:
  • To be equal members of the Steering Group that is respectful, open and operates with integrity;
  • To be reimbursed for their participation and out of pocket expenses;
  • To contribute to a project that is making a positive difference for people and the community.
  • To be supported in their role on the Steering Group and have access to training and support; and
  • To be invited to participate in external events such as conferences, seminars, forums etc.
Requirements of the Role
Be a consumer or family member, carer who:
  1. Currently access or have previously accessed mental health and/or drug and alcohol services located in metropolitan, regional or remote areas.
  2. Integrate their experiences of mental distress and/or AOD use into their lives, retain value from their lived experience and have wisdom to share with others.
  3. Have a good understanding of matters that affect people with mental health problems and/or AOD use and their families, carers and the community.
  4. Have understanding of the rehabilitation and recovery paradigm and the value of ensuring consumer, family, carer and community participation and feedback. 
  5. Have interpersonal skills including the ability to provide constructive input, maintain good working relationships and to listen objectively.
  6. Have knowledge, skills and/or experience in participating on teams, groups or committees.
What is the time commitment?
The Steering Group meetings will last about one hour and take place monthly – generally towards the end of the month on a Thursday. The project will last for approximately one year. Meetings will be held at the MHC which is located at Work Zone, 1 Nash Street, Perth, next to McIver Train Station. The first Steering Group meeting with consumer and carer representatives will take place in March after successful applicants are appointed.  
There is some flexibility around meeting dates/times/locations to accommodate all Steering Group members and participation by video conference is also available. There may be on occasion additional meetings between monthly the meetings.

Each meeting will require some preparation time (i.e. reading, collating your ideas and feedback etc.,) of one to two hours.
What participation payment or expenses are offered?
We recognise the valuable contribution that consumers, family and carers make to the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of mental health and alcohol and other drug programs and services. Participation payments are offered to consumers, family and carers in line with the MHC Consumer, Family, Carer and Community Paid Partnership Policy (available at mhc.wa.gov.au under the About Us/Consumer, Family Carer Participation tab). Further information is also available here: Frequently Asked Questions.
The paid participation rate for this role is offered at the Active Participant Tier which is
$35 per hour for a minimum of three hours per meeting. The participation payment includes preparation time as well as reasonable travel expenses. However out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed but must be negotiated and approved by the relevant Service Provider, before expenses are incurred.
Selection Process
Applications will be shortlisted by a selection panel (consisting of Steering Group members and MHC staff). Shortlisted applicants could be invited to an informal discussion with the selection panel. This can provide the opportunity for applicants to ask questions about the work of the Steering Group and to clarify any details regarding their participation. The selection process may take two or three weeks from the closing date.
For more information about the work of the Steering Group and the consumer, family member/carer roles, please get in touch with:   
To apply:   Please complete the attached application form and return it by email or by post by 5pm on Wednesday 19 February 2020.
  • Email to: Victoria.Blackie@risenetwork.com.au; OR
  • Post to:  
Tori Blackie
Rise41A Great Northern Hwy
The information you provide is confidential and will only be seen by the Steering Group members and MHC staff who are involved in the selection process. Your information will not be distributed without prior permission. Sensitive personal information contained in consumer, family and carer Expressions of Interest, and Application Forms (including emails with attachments) are stored electronically in a confidential, secure folder with strictly, limited access. Your personal information is stored in line with Privacy Act 1988 and/or the State Records Act 2000.
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