The ‘Bill Buddy’ App is designed to help users measure, monitor, compare and reduce their consumption of energy and utility bills.

Bill Buddy: saving money & the environment

By Rise
01 September 2020
Following a chance meeting with Vanessa Rauland from Climate Clever at an Impact Seed pitch event, Justine Colyer, CEO Rise was struck by her innovation and entrepreneurial skills and set about seeing how we could work on a project that brought together our combined interests. 

Two years on, in collaboration with Vanessa, our non-profit partners MercyCareUniting WACommunity Housing LtdAccess Housing Australia Ltd, and Anglicare WA (Financial Counsellors Network), and a grant from Lotterywest, we were able to work with residents of low income households to develop and launch the pilot of Bill Buddy.
Bill Buddy is an app designed to reduce the cost and consumption of utilities.  It identifies how much households spend and use and, more importantly, a large range of free or low cost options to reduce that usage.  Utilities costs can be a huge burden to low income households and the impact of unnecessary consumption on the planet is well known.
This project was an exemplar in bringing together start-up developers, potential users of the app, non-profit service providers and State Government (Lotterywest) to create a solution to a community problem; we are greater than the sum of our parts when we work together.

Check out more about the project here and on Channel 10.

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