Celebrating National Volunteer Week

By Rise
17 May 2021
This week we are waving our appreciation to the volunteers at Rise who play a vital role in supporting the community.

"You are everything that is great about our community! Thank you for all that you do." Justine Colyer, CEO

“Rise could not offer the many services we provide without the support and dedication of our special team of volunteers! BIG Thank YOU :)” Shaun Mays, Director
The creative people at Rise’s Arts Hub have been working hard to create a special gift for each volunteer. We look forward to handing these out at our volunteer breakfasts across Perth. Stay tuned for the photos!

Here’s what other members of our team have to say:
“When I talk to people about Rise volunteers I will often say that they are my volunteers. I am very protective of them and I value and appreciate them more than they could know. Celebrating them during National Volunteer Week, enjoying a yummy breakfast (or 5) with them and catching up is one of my favourite times of the year.” Lisa Begley, Volunteer Coordinator
“A big shout out from me to all our Volunteers - amazing work you do!!!” Sarah Harrington
“Yes, where would we be without kind souls like all of you x” Karen Motterham
“Centenary have some real amazing volunteers. :)” Alanna Muriale
“With out our vollies we would not have made it as well as we have through this hard time. Big shout out to ROZ TERRY AND SHIRLEY AND LYN at Yirra Mia you guys are priceless 😀” Carmel Pascoe
“Love the volunteers that come in each month to help with the invoices. Big thank you to Stephen, Wiesje, Leonora and Daphne.” Fiona Garrett
“Shout out to Jim who volunteers by gardening at Milperra Cottage. He does a great job and our garden is looking all the better for his work. We do appreciate all he does.” Karen Wittcomb
“So the saying goes 'Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” Belinda Shipp
Volunteering at Rise
There are nearly 200 volunteers here at Rise, helping to make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact volunteering@risenetwork.com.au. 
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