Celebrating one of our beautiful volunteers

By Rise
02 June 2021
Christine Kavanagh has been volunteering at The Arts Hub for the last five years. You can often find Christine having a chat to the gang in the wood work room whilst joining in with some wood buring. However, where Christine really is our ‘knight in shining armour’ is as one of our trusty drivers. Christine drives one of our cars several times a week, ensuring that our clients get picked up and dropped off safely. Christine always enters the building with a warm and welcoming smile and a good sense of humour which lifts everyone's spirits.

We are very lucky to have Christine as a volunteer, amongst all our other wonderful volunteers whom dedicate so much of their time and experience to the Arts Hub.

Volunteering at Rise

There are nearly 200 volunteers here at Rise, helping to make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact volunteering@risenetwork.com.au. 

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