Feel Good Stories from Centenary

By Rise
20 April 2020


Since our lives have changed due to COVID-19, I have heard some heart-warming stories I would like to share with you all.  Just before Centenary House closed, our wonderful volunteer Patty-Anne was waiting at the checkout at her local shops, having a conversation with the man in front of her.  When it was her turn to pay for her items, the checkout person said the man in front of her had already paid for her groceries leaving Patty-Anne thrilled with this man’s kind gesture. 

Staff member Tracey was visiting Helen (a member of our Sunshine Club) in her home and sent me this lovely photo of Helen colouring in while listening to her favourite singer Tom Jones.  I sent this photo to her family who sent it on to Helen’s sister in the UK – well done Tracey.!

The wife of a member who attends our social centre and lives in units with other seniors told me that their neighbour opposite them invited the occupants to sit out the front of their units while she played the guitar for them complete with amplifier.  I was told it was a beautiful way to start their day and their neighbour has promised to do this again.

Two of our members who live at Banksia Tourist Park said they have regular gatherings while maintaining social distance.  And finally, one member who is self-isolating was in her backyard and out loud asked her fruit tree why after all these years it had not produced any fruit.  To her dismay a male voice from next door replied “well if you watered it, maybe you would get some fruit”!!

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