Finance Team - out and about

By Rise
17 March 2021
Rise’s Finance team is always looking for ways to improve how we do things and we recently spent some time away (at Centenary House) from our electronic gadgets, spreadsheets, $$$, desks and many more business as usual things to explore how we can become an even more fun and collaborative team.

All staff at Centenary House were very welcoming and excited to have us on-site and on behalf of the Finance team, I would like to thank all of them all for their warm hospitality (which included delicious morning tea and lunch organised by Alanna) and preparing an activity for us to celebrate the achievements of our clients.
Thank you, Leanne, and Hirono for organising the activity with our clients. I hope our clients had just as much fun as we did in the afternoon, sharing some very interesting glimpses of their life, achievements and the many laughs all along the way (see if you can spot our Finance team’s artistic skills in the photos below).

We look forward to increasing our Finance team’s visibility across the wider organisation, introduce better ways to supporting our non-Finance teams, who in turn can better support our wonderful clients.

Thank you, Debbie and Katerina, for organising everything behind the scenes (this would not have been possible without your valuable organising for us).  

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