From Abba to Elvis

By Rise
30 August 2021
From Abba to Elvis, Dean Martin to the Monkees – members and staff at Yirra Mia social centre celebrated with a fifties and sixties Rock and Roll Day!

Paul Duncan kicked things off by trading his day job, driving the bus at Rise, to play a washed-out rock star with a supporting band of Rise teammates.

After a delicious morning tea musician, Adam Penn, had many members dancing within 5 minutes of his first number. He was then joined by social club member, Judith Damon  to belt out The Monkees – "I’m a Believer."
Judith has been performing in bands since she was 18. “I just love to entertain people. I play lead harmony vocals, flute and I’m learning piano. I was in a band with my late husband. - we were a duo.” 

The team at Rise transformed the centre into a rock wonderland, filled with music memorabilia, a candy corner and an impressive photo stand, carefully crafted by Rise team member,  Christle Panickar.

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