It’s time we all stood up - 16 Days in WA

By Rise
25 November 2019

“Violence against women and children is at plague proportions; if there were any other cause of death and injury, society would view it differently.  But because it is perpetrated in the home, it slips under the radar.  Now is the time to see the violence for what it is and be accountable as a community to eliminating it completely as we would any other scourge.” Justine Colyer, CEO, Rise 

The 16 Days in WA program starts on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and runs until 10 December, which is Human Rights Day. 
The theme for 2019 is speak out to stop violence against women. Violence against women - in all its forms - is unacceptable. 

Members from Rises Kira House team share some of the statistics about family violence in Australia. 


“Men have a huge responsibility in acting against any forms of violence against women. We need to be promoting gender equality at every opportunity, stop supporting the idea that violence is a legitimate part of masculinity and make sure our kids get lots of exposure to loving, mutually respectful relationships. While only a relatively small amount of men perpetrate violence against women, many men stay silent when they see or hear their mates doing it.  It’s time we all stood up, took responsibility and played our part in stopping this epidemic.” Shaun Mays, General Manager, Rise 

 Listen to some of the men at Rise take the oath to stand up and prevent violence against women. They also talks about an important women in their life.


Gordon from Rise’s Finance team and his under 12 soccer team get behind the campaign. 

Rise staff from around Perth show their support.

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