James moves into his new home

By Rise
08 May 2019
James has a diagnosis of a significant depressive disorder and also has to manage his diabetes. James came to Rise through the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH), after being referred from the Joondalup Mental Health inpatient unit.

When James met Deb, the Rise Mental Health Support Worker, he was being discharged from hospital but had no home to go to. He stayed at a friend’s house while he looked for suitable alternative accommodation but, after one month, James contacted Deb to let her know he was again homeless and sleeping rough in his car. He was also not feeling well mentally or physically. In response, Deb convened an emergency meeting with James, his Clinical Case Manager, and a Rise Peer Support Worker to identify a safe place where James could continue his recovery.

As a result, James was referred to the Neami Sub-Acute unit in Joondalup and – after a bit of a wait – he was admitted for 28 days. Deb and the team at Rise continued to look for long term accommodation options for James and, soon enough, a property became available in Midland for which James applied and was successful in securing. He was only able to pay half the bond on the unit, but the balance was covered by accessing brokerage funding from the NPAH program through Rise. James’s son helped him move his belongings into his new unit and brokerage funds were also used to purchase a new washing machine.

As James settled into his new home, Deb helped him further by ensuring he was well connected to the local services and clinical support he needed, as well as the financial counselling he requested. The financial counsellor assisted James with a permanent moratorium on his credit card debt.

James is doing well, living comfortably in the community and continuing on his recovery journey.

The photo in this blog post does not correlate to the story to protect the individual’s privacy.


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