Josh is kicking goals

By Rise
09 September 2019
Josh (16) had lots of stuff going on at home which led to him making some bad choices that got him into trouble with the police. He was placed on an order and referred to Youth Justice Services. The Youth Justice Officer saw that Josh needed some additional help and referred him to the Youth Justice Mentoring Program at Rise.
Through Rise mentoring support Josh was supported to build his capacity in life and health skills development. He was supported to attend the Rise Drive Up program which allowed him to obtain his learners permit. Josh was further supported to obtain identification needed to open a bank account and apply for his tax file number.
Josh was interested in football but became disconnected two years ago since he moved to his grandmother’s house. His mentor researched local footie teams and assisted Josh to apply for a kids sport voucher which gave him to means to register. Josh joined a new team and enjoys catching up with some new friends.
His mentor continues to encourage and support Josh to achieve his goals.

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