"Technology is assisting disability service providers overcome challenges of the national insurance scheme."

NDIS providers embrace technology

By Rise
17 October 2019
Rise is featured in the latest Business News publication. Read an insert from the story below:

Rise Network, a disability and aged care service provider with 634 staff, has been working on its IT strategy for the past five years, spending $7 million implementing new solutions, according to chief executive Justine Colyer.

“Support workers, rather than running around the country with a piece of paper, they now have a mobile device,” Ms Colyer said. “It means it is much more responsive. If a client calls in and wants to change something, wants to do something new, we can instantly see who is available to come in provide their service, see how much money they have left in their account.”

Rise hired an external consultant from Deloitte to develop an overall IT strategy, and then used an implementation officer with a tech background to help in-house staff execute it.

The organisation settled on Procura for scheduling, D365 for finance, ActionHRM for staff management and leave and Bio-Time to interpret the award under which they pay staff.

Ms Colyer said the most important part of implementing the strategy was the process used to decide what the business needed, not the programs themselves.

“I really would say that this is about understanding what you need to be able to do, documenting it clearly and then getting a solution rather than the other way round,” she said.

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