New wheels and independence for Audrey

By Rise
02 November 2020

Audrey is a Home Care Package client who suffers spinal issues that have left her with limited movement from the neck down. In February Audrey advised that she would like a new wheel chair as the one she was currently using was very uncomfortable and not very safe (hubby had made some home modifications to make it better for Audrey).

As Audrey spends most of her day sitting in the chair, she stated that she would love a power chair that she could move herself as her current, manual chair, left her unable to move around of her own accord and she relied on  hubby, Colin, to move her all the time.

This was the start of an eight month journey for Audrey for a new chair.
 With amazing support and talent from Tanya at TADWA, we were able to complete some home trials and narrowed it down to a more specific chair that would be suitable for Audrey and her needs. However, the chair would come with a hefty price tag of over $20K!

Tanya , from TADWA, let her fingers do the walking and used her amazing knowledge to secure a grant from Independent Living Australia for the massive amount of $16875.
This enabled Audrey to purchase the chair, then using her Home Care Package funds, we were able to complete the fit out of the chair to Audreys unique specifications to ensure her outmost comfort and safety.

Darren from AME (Australian Mobility Equipment) was also instrumental in securing the correct chair for Audrey and after many home visits, today was able to put the final touches to Audrey’s chair, with only minor tweaking needed.
As you can see by the photos, Audrey is loving her new chair, albeit she is cautious at operating the new power chair, and is anxious about discovering her new found freedom.
Hubby Colin is also ecstatic with Audrey's new "toy" as this will also alleviate some of the pressure on him, as a full time carer. 

Now Audrey will be able to visit friends in the village, and even get around her own home with out someone having to push her all the time.
 Audrey did giggle like a school girl when she realised that she actually got the hot pink colour she wanted - she thought we were pulling her leg when we said she could have pink.

Smiles all around today as the long journey for Audrey is now complete.

A huge THANKYOU to Tanya at TADWA and Darren at AME for their amazing and endless assistance in helping to secure the funding and the chair.
It goes to show that when everyone works together, team work provides massive rewards.
Congratulations on the new chair Audrey - no doughnuts in the carparks though. 

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