Once Upon a Time in the West(ern Australia)

By Rise
16 September 2019
"The Old West is not a certain place in a certain time, it’s a state of mind; it’s whatever you want it to be." - Tom Mix.

Jim, one of our guests at the cottage, just loves old Western movies. So, as a surprise, the Old West came to Milperra and clients and staff enjoyed a fun Western themed day. The dining room was transformed into a Wild West Saloon Bar and everyone dressed in their best cowboy gear. After a session of line dancing, photo opportunities were a must with hats, moustaches and bandanas.

Sitting on a bale of hay next to the Chicken Shack was the perfect location for a sunny day BBQ. The “yee-haws’ and “yippie-ki-yays” only ceased when the bangers were served. One of our naughty chooks couldn’t understand why she wasn’t included in the fun, so she jumped onto Glen’s knee to take what she thought was rightfully hers!

We learnt lots about the Old West… one of which is ‘Never squat while wearing spurs’!!!!!

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