Our Moorditj members are a gold mine of wisdom

By Rise
11 June 2019

Raelene is one of the inspiring Support Workers that enjoys a chat and is happy to share her wisdom.

Painting is the most meditative thing ever. You just zone into it. This is an air view of the serpent travelling through Australia. One big snake going through the water.

The Elders are also supported by Tarrita.

Working in an environment like this has been amazing. I feel like I’m in a gold mine being here amongst the Elders! There is so much I can learn from them. It’s all about humbling yourself.


I like working with the older people. It reminds me of being back at home in Torres Strait.

I’m really getting to know more indigenous people of Australia. There are similarities between all cultures. Respect your Elders. Look after your Elders. It’s pinned into us at a young age.

If you catch fish and your baskets full of fish you have to drop off fish to all the Elders on the trail as you head home. It doesn’t matter if you only have one fish left.

Aboriginal Connection

The Moorditj, Yirra Mia group have a strong history of telling the members stories through art and sharing culture with younger generations. Call 08 6274 3700 or email contact@risenetwork.com.au

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